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Our Tampa business attorneys understand that our clients’ primary concerns lie with their businesses, not with the nuances of relevant business law. Our skilled and forward-thinking approach to business law situations allows our clients to focus on their business and leave the legal complexities to us.

As your business lawyer, we can oversee the purchase and sale of businesses, conduct vital transactions, and draw up detailed and legally binding agreements. For example, while working as business transaction attorneys, we have handled:

-Commercial leases

-Confidentiality, noncompete, and nondisclosure contracts

-Employment and independent contractor agreements

-Partnership contracts

-Product and service warranties

-Security agreements

The right legal agreements written by an experienced business lawyer not only protects you from unforeseen liability, but these agreements also protect your assets during your day-to-day business dealings.

View a more complete list of our business law capabilities on our Business and Corporate Law page.

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