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Regaining Payment Through a Foreclosure

If you're a lender and you have a borrower that entered default, it may be time to lawyer up. Brown, Huff & Zohar Law is able to assist lenders in asserting their foreclosure against deficient borrowers to terminate the owner's interest.

The goal of foreclosures is to get the lender their money back. A few options are to obtain payment from the borrower or a judicial sale of the home with the proceeds being used to pay off the loan. You could represent yourself in a foreclosure action against a borrower, but an accomplished attorney can provide advice about the complicated foreclosure process which can be the difference between success and losing money. At Brown, Huff, & Zohar Law, we will use our experience in Real Estate and Foreclosures to get you the payment you are owed on a mortgage or loan.

If you're not sure what the best move is, or the next step, Brown, Huff, & Zohar Law can help you lay out the pros and cons of the different options available to you.

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