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"As a first time business owner, I was very naive as to the way the legalities of our day-to-day operations were flowing...or not. Ashley helped point out several flaws in our so-called "Employee's Manual" and straighten out what could have been an HR nightmare. It was because of Ashley's attention to detail that we were able to streamline our business and effectively establish a healthy pipeline of communication within our organization. Thank you Ashley for being so attentive to our needs and responsive whenever I had a question."


"I've used Ashley to draft all of my contracts for my business. She is extremely personable and very knowledgable. Ashley is always willing to answer any legal questions I have. Highly recommended."


"Ashley Zohar is an amazing lawyer! She has helped me with all legal aspects as I have been planning the arrival of my first child. She has helped me be prepared and explained everything that I need to know if easy to understand terms. I would highly recommend her!"


"Ms. Zohar is driven and respected colleague, and friend. I've been fortunate to work with her with her for a number of mutual clients, as well as refer Ms. Zohar to my own friends and family. I will continue to recommend Ms. Zohar to my clients, my friends, and my own family, especially given the very positive feedback I continue to receive about her counsel. Thank you, Ashley. Keep up the phenomenal work."


"I have known Ashley Zohar for a number of years. From the moment I met her I knew that she was a sharp tack. She is punctual, professional, and fair - all great qualities of an attorney. I have worked with Ashley on many cases, and she has my utmost respect when it comes to how she conducts business. I highly recommend Ashley and her firm to anyone seeking legal within the business world."


"Ashley Zohar is an excellent lawyer. She understands small business needs because she knows the law and she is a business owner. She thinks like a small business owner. She gets it. I was very impressed with the personal attention she gives to her clients and I highly recommend her."


"Ashley is by far 5 stars. She helped me with my business legal questions as well she was always there when I needed to talk. She is professional and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for taking the time for meeting with me."


"The tenacity of someone who is young and hungry paired with the wisdom of a life time is truly a rare find. Thank you Ashley for the awesome help have and will continue to give!"


"Ashley is an excellent business attorney. I highly recommend Ashley to all my clients, family and friends."


"If you are looking for a competent, honest attorney, you should consider Ms. Zohar. She truly cares about her clients’ best interest! Her fees are fair."


"The best thing about Ashley Zohar's law office is the personal attention you receive when you hire Ms. Zohar as your lawyer. As a small business owner, I have had bad experiences with business attorneys in the past. This is not the case with Ms. Zohar. She quickly returned all of my phone calls and emails. Not only that, but she is incredibly knowledgeable about business law and she actually cares about her clients, imagine that!

I am very happy I decided to work with Ms. Zohar!"


"Highly recommend Ashley for all your business law needs. She is fantastic!!"


"This a an easy place to come and meet with an amazing attorney! She is ready to handle all of your legal needs, from Business, to Property to Wills., Trusts and Estates. A to Z!"


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